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Be careful where you dig for Treasure - Not Everyone Wants the Truth Unearthed

Format, length, genre

8 x 40 min. installments, with potential for successive seasons and franchising opportunities.
Live-action / adventure / mystery / family.


When teenage twins, Petter-Johan and Anna-Johanna trek to far-flung corners of the globe with their treasure-hunting mother, Jennie-Rose, their journeys become filled with high adventure, life threatening danger, and self-reliance.
They quickly discover that unearthing lost treasure carries a heavy price.


Weeds cross pollinates with National Treasure and teams up with The Goonies.
A modern family adventure charting the treasure hunting journeys of Jennie-Rose and her ultra-intuitive twins, Petter & Anna, as they travel the world unearthing ancient truths that threaten to rewrite history.


For more information, project materials and access to the sizzle-reel, please contact:
+47 4130 3840

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